'American Chopper' Premiere: Senior And Junior Start Slow Process Of Mending Relationship (VIDEO)

Discovery removed the "Senior vs. Junior" subtitle from the new season premiere of "American Chopper," because they're hoping that's what the Teutuls can do as well. Junior and Senior recently told "Late Show" they were working on mending their relationship, and evidence of their progress could be seen in this opener.

Paul Sr. suggested they build a bike together for charity, but Junior seemed a little hesitant to jump into something that intense right off the bat.

“If we could do something that’s more like we used to do before we professionally [built] bikes," Paul Jr. suggested. "Doesn’t have to be any business anything, it can just be me and you having a project."

It may be incremental progress toward mending their fractured relationship, but it is forward momentum, and that relationship could drive the bulk of this season. Find out if it does as "American Chopper" continues every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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