7 Revolting Things About American Culture (PHOTOS)

When our kids know more about the Kardashians than the Constitution--

When Ke$ha's "Get Sleazy" tour becomes the favorite summer stop for the tween set--

When grown men share their girlfriends' concealer and eyeliner--

When parents name their children after appliances, fruits, numbers, and one of the five boroughs of New York--

When people nurture their virtual crops on Farmville while subsisting on Lucky Charms in their parents' basements--

You know we have a cultural meltdown on our hands (all of which I discuss in my new book).

Think you're immune to the fall-out? Not a chance. None of us is safe. Not even our pets. (Do you know who "friended" your Chihuahua last night?) Accompany me on a quickie tour of the seven rings of America's cultural hell.


Editor's note: This blog post currently reflects that there are five boroughs of New York, not five boroughs of Manhattan.