Bart Simpson Gets A Fake ID On An 'American Dad' That Channels 'Breaking Bad'

"American Dad" channeled a version of Walter White's Heisenberg when Steve adopted the name Gutenberg as part of his growing criminal enterprise. Steve was in the business of making fake IDs, thus the nod to Johannes Gutenberg who developed the European printing press. Of course, there were also several digs to actor Steve Guttenberg along the way.

Roger played a rival forger, who created IDs that weren't as high in quality or grade as Steve's product. The only thing they needed to do was somehow make Steve's ID's blue and the nod would have been complete. In an unexpected cameo, though, a third world collided with "American Dad" and "Breaking Bad" moments after Roger threatened Steve and Hayley by having his own henchmen beat him up and ultimately slit his throat.

Steve finished the next ID for a "Mike Rotch." It was a callback to a classic recurring gag from "The Simpsons," with Steve stepping in for Moe the bartender. And, of course, Bart was there to laugh at the joke he'll always find absolutely hilarious.

"American Dad" airs every Sunday at 9:30 p.m. EST on Fox.



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