American Eagle 'Skinny Skinny' Jeans Manages To Troll Us All (VIDEO)

WATCH: These 'Skinny Skinny' Jeans Can't Be Real, Can They?

And we thought skinny jeans couldn't get any skinnier.

In what is most likely an incredible marketing ploy, American Eagle Outfitters unveiled its new line of "skinny skinny" jeans.

Well, not exactly nothing. The product page on American Eagle's website shows what appears to be two cans of spray paint -- the "jeans" come in indigo or bright light. In the promotional video -- during which models say things like "I like skinny jeans. Sometimes they're not skinny enough" -- the jeans don't leave much to the imagination.

Though the company claims there are only 1,000 available in a "limited edition premium package," if you try clicking through to purchase the item, a window pops up stating the product is temporarily sold out.


We're pretty sure American Eagle is not actually selling spray-on jeans, but what do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out some real, non-painted denim:

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