American Energy Alliance Leads Front Group Attack on Wind PTC

The fossil fuel-funded American Energy Alliance wrote a coalition letter signed by 20 organizations to Congress claiming widespread support for "The PTC Elimination Act", which would cut subsidies for wind energy production. The letter uses misinformation to claim that wind energy is bad for the economy and is more expensive than traditional fossil fuel energy production. Wind energy power purchase agreements continue to break records as the cost of clean energy has plummeted over the past few years. The price of wind is down more than 50 percent since 2009 and contracted ind prices hit an all-time low in 2014 of ~2.35 cents per kWh

The Energy and Policy Institute examined the list of signatories and found the following:  
  • 18 of the signatories signed a similar letter written by the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity in June 2014 (counting Independent Women’s Forum & Voice as one affiliated organization). 
  • 14 have ties to fossil fuel funders and 18 have ties to the Koch Brothers’ political network with some organizations receiving funding directly from the Kochs and others receiving funding from the "dark money ATM" Donors Trust/Donors Capital Fund or other front groups like the "Center to Protect Patients Rights”. 
Elected officials and the public should make note that while these groups claim to be “free market” think tanks and non-profits, in reality, they are operating as front groups for the Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel interests with a financial interest in stoping the wind production tax credit (PTC). 
See our breakdown below:  
Organization State Fossil Fuel Funding? Koch Network? Description
60 Plus Association DC  Yes  Yes Funding from Center to Protect Patient Rights, a Koch funding passthrough; also funded by Freedom Partners, the Koch Brothers' secret bank; also received funding from Koch-network's TC4 Trust 
American Commitment DC  Yes  Yes Koch-funded group, almost entirely funded by Koch passthroughs Freedom Partners, Center to Protect Patient Rights
American Energy Alliance DC  Yes  Yes Funded by ExxonMobil, Koch Brothers and Freedom Partners; President is former Koch lobbyist
Americans for Prosperity DC  Yes  Yes Founded and funded by Koch Brothers
Americans for Tax Reform DC Yes Yes Funded by American Petroleum Institute and Koch Brothers; member of State Policy Network
Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes DC   Yes Americans for Prosperity funded allied group Building a Better Ohio on Ohio Issue 2signed previous AFP anti-wind letter
Competitive Enterprise Institute DC Yes   Yes Funding from ExxonMobil and Koch Brothers; Member of State Policy Network
Energy Makes America Great, Inc. DC  Yes Yes  Funded by New Mexico Oil and Gas Association; part of Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy
Freedom Works DC Yes Yes Funded by DonorsTrust; Break up of Citizens for Sound Economy (funded by the Koch Brothers) created FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity (funded by the Koch Brothers)
Heritage Action for America DC Yes Yes Funded by Koch Brothers; member of State Policy Network
Independent Women's Forum/Voice DC Yes Yes Funded by Koch Brothers; affiliated with Americans for Prosperity for 5 years
Less Government DC     Front group managed by consultant Seyton Motley; no website exists at, the organization's listed web URL
Let Freedom Ring DC Yes Yes Funded through Koch Brothers' political network
R Street Institute DC   Yes Connected to Koch political network, was part of Heartland Institute
Taxpayers Protection Alliance DC   Yes
Tea Party Nation     Yes For profit company founded by Judson Phillips, organized first Tea Party convention 
The Campaign to Free America       Founded by Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation
Frontiers of Freedom VA Yes Yes Funding from Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil; funded by tobacco industry
Americans for Limited Government VA Yes Yes Funded by Center to Protect Patients Rights, a Koch funding passthrough.
Project 21 DC Yes Yes Initiative of State Policy Network group "National Center for Public Policy Research", which received funding from ExxonMobil