Hate Group Has An Awful Reason For Being Upset With Allstate Insurance

A new, gay-inclusive commercial has the American Family Association seeing red.

Weeks after Allstate Insurance unveiled a new commercial starring two real-life gay dads and their infant daughter, a right-wing "family" group blasted the ad campaign for promoting "a lifestyle that is not good for children."

In response to the release of the "Here's to Firsts: Family" commercial by Allstate, the American Family Association (AFA) has launched an online petition calling for supporters to urge the insurance company to "stop its promotion of normalizing homosexual parenting when children's welfare is at stake."

The petition reads:

The Allstate promotion does not share the reality that this child will grow up without the nurture that only a mother can provide. Nor does Allstate recognize the emotional trauma and questions this child will endure growing up in a home with two men.

Pointing to a debunked 2012 study that claimed to prove children of same-sex parents fared worse than those raised by heterosexual couples, AFA officials said, "Allstate has abandoned God's design for the family, and thus promotes a lifestyle that is not good for children."

At the time this story was published, the petition had just over 27,000 signatures. 

The AFA's petition against the Allstate commercial, of course, isn't particularly surprising. The right-wing organization, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has a reputation for condemning LGBT-inclusive products and campaigns. 

In 2015, One Million Moms, a division of the AFA, slammed Campbell's Soup for releasing a commercial that also starred two real-life gay dads as part of the canned good producer's "Made for Real, Real Life" campaign. 

The AFA was also behind the creation of an "anti-Christian bigotry map" which included LGBT advocacy groups last year.

It may be the new year, but it's the same hateful, homophobic routine we've come to expect from these folks. 

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