America's Critical Role in the Spiritual Evolution of the World

The first time I saw an American gathering angel was when I was about six and growing up in Ireland. I have been seeing angels since I was a baby, I see them physically as I would see someone standing in front of me and no day has passed in my life when I haven't seen an angel. This was the first time though that I had seen an angel that looked quite like this.

The angel looked very powerful and had beautiful wings. It gave me a male appearance -- a little like a soldier and wore silver coloured armour that covered its legs. On its chest was a big dark blue crest that looked like a shield. The angel had shoulder length brown hair and wore a band across its forehead. The angel with me told me that this was an American gathering angel, but told me no more.

As I grew up in the 1960s in Dublin I continued to see these angels occasionally. Over time I learned that these special powerful angels had for centuries been gathering selected people of all nationalities and all religions from all parts of the world to bring them to America. They were gathering people who would help create a new nation -- a nation that God and the angels tell me will play a critical role in the spiritual evolution of mankind.

I don't know why any individual is chosen by the American gathering angels. I have been told that being gathered doesn't mean that an individual is superior or better than others who are left behind. All I have been told is that those who are gathered are supposed to be a part of the mix of this new nation.

I have asked about slavery and the American gathering angels. The angels explained that, outrageous as it may seem, slavery was one of the ways that was used to make sure that certain people were brought to the new world -- people who would never have come to America by other means. This does not of course excuse taking anyone's freedom or treating them unjustly or with cruelty. Even though their arrival in America was a horrendous experience the new world needed selected African's with their unique and deep spirituality.

The angels also tell me that the Native Americans have an important part to play. They have a spirituality that is different and a richness that is needed as a part of this spiritual evolution.

In recent years since I started to speak and write about what I have been seeing I have travelled a lot. In every country I have visited I have seen American gathering angels, so I know they are still at work.

When I stepped off the plane in JFK, the first time I came to America I felt how different America is. The atmosphere felt very different -- it was as if it was tingling, vibrating faster than anywhere else I had ever been.

I quickly realized that it was the American people who were creating this different atmosphere. Americans are more open spiritually than other nationalities. God and the angels tell me that Americans listen more and are more responsive. They are less afraid of the spiritual side of themselves, or those around them. They seem to me to be more energised, as if they have a stronger desire to live life to the full.

The American people have been gathered together from all around the world, from all nationalities and religions and through marrying each other and mixing together in communities have formed what is essentially a new race.

Each time I land in America it's as if a gate to the new world opens. America is not perfect. Like all nations, it struggles at times to find its way and also at times makes wrong decisions. But God and the angels have told me that America is the gateway to humanity's future. America is where the choices that will determine mankind's future will be made.