American Girl Doll Brings In the New Year With #BlackGirlMagic

Meet Gabriela McBride, The 2017 American Girl Doll of the Year!

Gabriela McBride, is a poet and dancer who is a lover of the arts. She uses her talents to inspire young girls to pursue their artistic passions despite any obstacles that may be placed in their paths. Gabriela expresses herself through music, dancing, poetry and painting. She’s an inspiration for all young girls, because she doesn’t let having a speech impediment prevent her from being a poet. She uses inspirational poetry to help her overcome stuttering all the while showing other young girls that it is okay not to be perfect. Gabriela’s journey shows girls that there is a beauty in embracing your flaws and not giving up.

Gabriela is a positive force in her community. She’s not only a spoken word artist who dances, she is also a social activist in her efforts to save her community center where she has a poetry group. When she’s not dancing or writing poetry, she dabbles in music.

American Girl Doll totally gets it right with their 2017 American Girl Doll of the Year. Gabriela is a shining example of overcoming obstacles. She will truly be a positive force in the minds of young girls for years to come. American Girl is teaming up with Scholastic to create a curriculum called “Express Yourself” that teaches girls how to use poetry as an outlet for self-expression and as a tool for building self-esteem.

Gabriela was recently unveiled on Good Morning America and young girls across the country are so excited. She has a brown complexion, curly brown hair and a heart for helping others.

The Gabriella Collection comes with dance-inspired outfits, accessories such as: a dance barre, dance attire, headphones and a really, cool DJ booth. Additionally, there will be an accompanying book series that will chronicle her journey. You can purchase Gabriela McBride and accessories starting on January 1, 2017. She will be available for all of 2017 and thereafter.

She will definitely go down in American Girl Doll history as the trailblazing poetess-dancer with a ‘stutter’ who overcame and gave back to her community.

What a lovely way for all young girls to bring in the new year!