What Your Childhood American Girl Doll Says About Your Style Now

What Your Childhood American Girl Doll Says About Your Style Now

If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you knew about American Girl dolls. Maybe you were lucky enough to have one yourself, or perhaps you would envy your friends as they spent hours dressing up their dolls and arranging their tiny furniture. One way or another, American Girls were undoubtedly everywhere.

There were monthly catalogues, hundreds of different miniature outfits, props and, of course, countless dolls to choose from. And though you might think you left your American Girl in your childhood, we think the doll you chose back then actually says a lot about your style today.

Okay, maybe not that much, but there are definitely girls that are so Samantha.


If you had Josefina, you're now the girl who embraces awkward-length midi skirts, rocks flea market jewelry and loves her some messy long hair. You probably shop at Anthropologie.



If you had Samantha, you're now the preppy girl who has expensive taste and a penchant for luxe materials like fur and velvet. All your friends are most likely jealous of your closet. You probably shop at Barneys.



If you had Molly, you were a hipster before contemporary hipsters were a thing. Now you love ironic prep styles, round glasses and hats of all kinds. You probably shop at American Apparel.



If you had Felicity, you're now the girl who loves vintage clothes with a feminine vibe (think short floral dresses and pink pea coats). You probably shop at Brandy Melville.



If you had Kirsten, you're now the girl who is obsessed with DIY, playing with different hairstyles and all things lacey and frilly. You probably shop at Free People.



If you had Addy, you're now the girl who adores classic silhouettes, bold colors and playful prints. You probably shop at ASOS.



If you had Kit, you're now the girl who is unapologetically "girly," hates wearing pants and loves a twin set. You probably shop at Ann Taylor LOFT.


My New American Girl

If you had a My New American Girl (aka the doll who looked like you), then you're now the girl who is the first to embrace new trends (monochromatic outfits, anyone?), you always want the latest fashions and spend a great deal of time perusing Style.com. You probably shop at Zara.

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Young gals who love their American Girl Dolls:

Ilona Szwarc's 'American Girls'

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