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Look How Much American Girl Dolls Have Changed Since You Were A Kid

Chances are, they now sell a doll that actually looks like you.

We used to spend hours poring through our monthly American Girl catalogs and picking out things we wanted to buy. Whether or not we actually got those items didn't even matter, because half the fun was looking at the new dolls, clothes and accessories. But taking a quick look at the site today, or flipping through a recent catalog, will show you that a lot of things have changed at American Girl since we were kids.

While some things have stayed the same (they still sell Addy, Josefina and Samantha), the original dolls are only available on a rotating basis, replaced by a much more diverse group of dolls than what was available when the company started nearly three decades ago. Instead of selling mainly Caucasian dolls, they currently offer dolls with all different skin tones, eye colors and hair colors. The prices have also increased with the times. In 1986 a Samantha doll retailed for $68, while today she is $115.

Check out the evolution of the American Girl doll below and tell us this doesn't make you a little nostalgic.

The First Catalog Cover, 1986

American Girl Magazine cover from Nov.-Dec. 1993, compared to Nov.-Dec. 2015

Samantha in 1986 vs. 2015

First "Meet Samantha" book from 1986 vs. 2015

The Three Original Dolls, 1986

A selection of current American Girl Dolls, 2015

Sleepwear spread, 2000

Sleepwear spread, 2015

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