American Girl Dolls Now Have Pink Ombre Hair, Because Of Course

American Girl Dolls Now Have Pink Ombre Hair, Because Of Course

How do you know when a hair trend has jumped the shark? When your boss is doing it? When your mom is doing it?

How about when American Girl dolls, those timeless perma-smile models of sugar and spice and everything nice, are doing it? Because if so, it's time to retire pink ombre hair.

American Girl just introduced its 2014 Girl of The Year, named Isabelle Palmer. Isabelle goes to a school for the arts, loves dancing and has a cute pet kitten. She also has pink streaks in her hair courtesy of removable highlights that come with clip-in instructions.

Removable colorful highlights are actually pretty awesome -- definitely the sort of thing we would have wanted when we were 8-year-olds with American Girl dolls of our own. But perhaps it's a sign that colorful ombre streaks aren't the edgiest of hair trends anymore...

And that's A-OK with us. We're already on to new trends for 2014 (bouffants, anyone?). We're just bummed our American Girl dolls didn't come with ombre hair -- or, back in the day, flat irons and butterfly clips.

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Remember when?


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