Have Cultured Nightmares Over This 'American Horror Story' Exhibit

Over 100 paintings, sculptures and prints of your biggest fears!

"American Horror Story" returns to haunt your dreams on Wednesday night. In honor of the long-anticipated Season 5 premiere, the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is hosting an "AHS" art show, which includes over 100 paintings, sculptures and prints.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 18 with a series of pieces also available online. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any images of "Hotel" in the collection. For the time being, terrifying images of Lady Gaga will be available via Us Weekly.

"<a href="http://hcgart.com/products/pepper-by-chris-oz-fulton">Pepper</a>" by Chris Oz Fulton
"Pepper" by Chris Oz Fulton

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