Why The New 'Coven' Supreme May Have Been In Plain Sight All Along On 'American Horror Story'

"American Horror Story: Coven" has spent an entire season trying to answer one question: who is the new Supreme?

This week's season finale will (finally) reveal Fiona's successor as the witch who survives the Seven Wonders, a test magical ability. We made our predictions last week, but new photos from the upcoming episode and a few juicy discoveries led us to develop some new ones.

We think we know who the Supreme is and we also think Ryan Murphy might have been serious when he called the final episode a "Stevie Nicks music video extravagaaaaanza!" -- for real. Check out our predictions and the new photos below. Share your guesses in the comments!

Cordelia may have been the new Supreme all along. american horror story coven Some users on Reddit and Tumblr found a possible easter egg in the opening credits of "Coven" revealing that Cordelia may just be the new Supreme. They identified the image in Sarah Paulson's credit as Santa Muerte, a folk saint known as "Lady of the Seven Powers," according to Wikipedia, aka the Supreme. Let us not forget that Ryan Murphy has warned us to keep our eyes open for clues in each season's opening credits. This theory is pretty believable since Cordelia recently gained the power of divination (one of the Seven Wonders) and has taken charge of the coven again.

Stevie Nicks is totally performing "Seven Wonders" for the Seven Wonders.

Ryan Murphy already told Entertainment Weekly that Nicks would be back in the cold opening of the season finale, and a Reddit user pointed out that "Seven Wonders," the title of Wednesday's final episode, is also the title of a Fleetwood Mac song. Will the episode open on Nicks' performance of the song as the girls prep for the big challenge? What a perfect opening ceremony for the Witchlympics!

Are the witches attempting Descensum here? american horror story In last week's episode, Queenie proved she had the power of Descensum, an ability to descend into the afterlife. That may be what the witches are attempting to achieve in this new photo. If Queenie's hell is her old fast food job, what's in store for everyone else on the other side? Madison condemned to star in a never-ending Lifetime movie? Misty in a place devoid of Stevie Nicks?

Does Cordelia get all of her sight back? american horror story This new photo from the season finale shows Coredlia with eyes fully intact, and they actually look like her own this time. Maybe she attains the power to heal herself.

Are Cordelia, Zoe and Queenie the top contenders? american horror story It looks like the witches are returning to Myrtle's burning site, a possible location for the Seven Wonders test. But where are Madison and Misty? These may be our top three witches.

Check out all of the new photos from the "Coven" finale, "The Seven Wonders," in the slideshow below.

The final episode of "American Horror Story: Coven" airs on FX, Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EST.



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