New 'American Horror Story' Season 4 Teaser Shows More Freaks

'American Horror Story' Gets Freakier In Newest Teaser

If you're not ready for things to get ridiculously freaky on "American Horror Story" Season 4, then we recommend you take a moment to prepare.

Earlier this week, Ryan Murphy released the first teaser trailer for his upcoming "AHS: Freak Show," which featured a creepy-looking hand. Now the series' creator has released another short teaser via his Twitter, introducing us to another freak.

Horror Story Tongue

— Ryan Murphy (@MrRPMurphy) August 23, 2014

The new teaser finally gives us a quick look at a person (since we're not too sure if that hand belongs to a human) and shows a man with a split tongue licking a lollipop. At the end of the video the hashtag "WirSindAlleFreaks" briefly flashes, which is German for "We Are All Freaks." That makes sense, especially because Jessica Lange's "AHS" character this season is a German ex-pat name Elsa Mars, who runs one of the last freak shows in America in the 1950s.

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" premieres on Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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