'American Horror Story' Releases Three Torturous Teasers For Season 6

If “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Children of the Corn” had a lovechild.

In the grand tradition of “American Horror Story” releasing unsettling imagery to whet fans’ appetites for the terrors ahead, the FX anthology series released multiple video teasers on Snapchat Wednesday to promote Season 6.

In the first teaser provided by the network, a monstrous hand reaches toward a mobile made of an array of curiously curved torture implements, including a blade in the shape of the number 6.

The second teaser, which dedicated fans located and shared on social media, shows a countryside house going up in black smoke as a chainsaw roars in the background. 

The final video features an unidentified individual walking down a staircase, as hands grab at their ankles from behind, aka our worst nightmare. 

As fans continue to search Snapchat for more clues, who wants to place bets on the theme of the new season? 

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"American Horror Story"