'American Horror Story' Season 4 Will Be Set In A Carnival

It's been a while since "American Horror Story" Season 4 clues and theories have circulated, but now a new -- and huge -- one has been confirmed.

In a podcast with Nerdist Writers Panel, "AHS" writer and co-executive producer Douglas Petrie spilled the setting of Season 4. When first asked about it, he quickly responded, "I can say nothing." Then Moira Kirkland, a writer for "Castle" and "Arrow" also on the podcast, said, "Well I don't know if it's true, but I heard carnival." Petrie responded, "Yes -- that was the, it -- it does not have a title."

Podcast moderator Ben Blacker then asked, "But that's the setting?" and Petrie confirmed, "That's the idea, that's very roughly the idea." Listen to the podcast around the 33-minute mark to hear for yourself.

Carnival and circus themes were a popular theory trending earlier this year when a slew of fan-made posters hit the web. It seemed like Ryan Murphy put those theories to bed when he told Entertainment Weekly, "No one has completely guessed what it is." But the key word there was "completely" and now we think Murphy was trying to throw us off.

FX declined to comment.

[h/t AV Club]