Get Ready For A Double Dose Of 'American Horror Story' In 2016

Season 6 and 7 in 2016.

Can't get enough of "American Horror Story"? No prob, Ryan Murphy wants to give fans a double dose of the horror series.

In Entertainment Weekly's massive "AHS" cover issue, the co-creator revealed that there might be two seasons of the show in 2016. "Next year we might do a fall 'American Horror Story' and a spring,” Murphy told the magazine. But while it may seem nearly impossible for Murphy to take on two seasons of the series on top of 2016's "American Crime Story" and "Scream Queens" if it gets renewed, he's already implementing a plan. This season of "AHS" will try something new with two separate writers rooms. Murphy told EW that a second group will join in late August. So perhaps two seasons in one year is possible.

It's not official yet -- Murphy still has to decide -- but the possibility already has us excited. So what do fans want to see if "AHS" gets the double-season treatment? Redditor theahsfan wrote that they'd want a "European Horror Story." Fan kevintom wants a cult or summer camp-themed season. "Wet Hot American Summer" meets "AHS"? We're in.

For more, head to EW.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres on Oct. 7 on FX.

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