New 'American Hustle' Trailer: 'The Best We've Ever Done'?

"It's got to be the best we've ever done," Christian Bale says at the end of the new "American Hustle" trailer. He's talking about a confidence scheme, but he might as well mean "American Hustle" itself.

The expectations for David O. Russell's latest film are already impossibly high, and this new trailer does nothing to knock things back to Earth. Here's why: It (1) cribs Johnny Mathis' "It's Not For Me To Say" from the "Goodfellas" soundtrack, (2) gives co-star Amy Adams some Karen Hill-y voice over, and (3) adds a dab of "Boogie Nights"-era ELO in for good measure. (Though "10538 Overture" wasn't actually used in Paul Thomas Anderson's film.)

Starring Bale, Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle" is out in theaters on Dec. 13 with a nationwide rollout set for Christmas Day. Watch the full trailer above.

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