'American Idol': Casey Abrams Kisses J.Lo, Steven Tyler Says 'F**K'

Casey Abrams became the American Idol of many, many men on Wednesday night.

The soul-rock singing Abrams took his performance of the Maroon 5 hit "Harder to Breathe" to a new level last night, leaving the audience breathless as he leaned in closely to serenade and then steal a kiss from host Jennifer Lopez. She blushed and took the smooch with grace and good humor, but Steven Tyler was left a bit foul mouthed about it. Not that that was a bad thing for Abrams.

"There [are] millions of people in America that are really angry, because you pissed them off because you're so f****** good!" Tyler yelled out. Randy Jackson tried to cover it up with a well-placed "damn," but the f-bomb slip still required a good long talk with the show's producers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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