American Idol Finale Ratings: Lowest Results Show Ever

"American Idol" averaged almost 29 million total viewers for its two-hour season Finale Wednesday night, enough to easily win Wednesday's ratings — but not enough to save it from being the lowest-rated "Idol" finale ever.

An average of 28.8 million viewers — more than the other major networks' combined audience — tuned in to watch Kris Allen upset Adam Lambert, according to Nielsen Media Research

As The Live Feed's James Hibberd and Nellie Andreeva note, this was the lowest rated "Idol" results finale in the show's eight-year history:

Those would be astonishing numbers for any other series. But for the juggernaut "Idol," they are only good enough for last place among its finales, behind the first season's ender when an average of 23 million viewers (10.8/30 in 18-49) tuned in to see Kelly Clarkson crowned as the first American Idol. It was down 12% from last year's finale among 18-49 and 9% in total viewers.

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