'American Idol' Singer Francisco Martin Is So Good, Luke Bryan Dances On His Chair

Katy Perry said she no longer recognized the contestant ― “and that’s a good thing.”

Francisco Martin is getting comfortable in a hurry on “American Idol.” (See the video below.)

The 19-year-old from San Francisco, who had to be calmed by the judges before his audition several episodes ago, gave a commanding performance in Sunday’s top 40 round.

Martin sang Harry Styles’ “Falling,” won the crowd and got judge Luke Bryan to dance on his chair. Judge Katy Perry teased that she no longer recognized him ― “and that’s a good thing,” she said.

He advanced to the top 20.

Martin is a far cry from the guy who sweated through his introduction weeks ago, when panelist Lionel Richie got up to give him a reassuring hug and Bryan took his pulse. Last week, the “Idol” hopeful forgot some lyrics in the duet competition.

“I like this new Francisco,” Martin said after his star turn on Sunday’s show. “Let’s keep rollin’.”