Screwup Dooms Shawn Robinson In Duet With Elle King On 'American Idol'

There may have been blame all around in the performance.

That’s show business.

“American Idol” contestant Shawn Robinson teamed up with Elle King (“Ex’s & Oh’s”) in a Top 20 all-star duet on the singing competition show Sunday ― and their “Proud Mary” wasn’t exactly rollin’.

Whether it was due to a missed cue, a forgotten lyric or something else, the performance turned awkward in a hurry.

The obvious gaffe happened when Robinson appeared to draw a blank as he sang (fast forward to 2:10 below) ― but the stage may have been set for the flub earlier.

Near the start of the number, King walked onto the stage and repeated the “Left a good job in the city” verse that Robinson had already sung. The two skipped the “cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis” verse, perhaps leading to the clunky moment on the “if you come down to the river” sequence.

Robinson, a 22-year-old hardware store worker from Atlanta, said earlier it was not a song he would have chosen. A late decision to slow the tempo (suggested by King) may have hurt the pair as well.

Anyway, Robinson got eliminated ― but not without an encouraging tweet from judge Lionel Richie