American Independent Party Presidential Candidate Wiley Drake

Southern Baptist pastor Wiley Drake, of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park in California, spoke with me over the phone about his run for the Presidency.

Drake is running as a write-in candidate in most states, but he expects to be listed on the ballot in California. He has filed his letter of intent with "about thirty" states so far.

I asked him, "Why are you running for President?"

D: We need to get back to our original birth certificate in America. [It has] three parts to it. Number one, they said they came to this country for the glory of God. Now that's a Judeo-Christian God, not Allah or Buddha or something else. We need to get back to God.

Number two, they said we came here for the advancement of the Christian faith...we must get back to the Judeo-Christian faith that our founding fathers had. We're coming up here, in a couple of days, with one of the last laws that was passed in this country that was Christian, and is the national day of prayer.

And then, the third reason they said, and these three are in our birth certificate, that is the Mayflower Compact, the third one was for the establishment of a righteous body politic. Which ...means we want politicians that want to live righteously based on the holy scriptures. And I don't think anybody would think a politician is righteous. They're all crooks. We've got to get back to our roots; that is our Judeo-Christian principles.

J: How do you intend to spread the word about your campaign?

D: I'm doing it through word of mouth, I'm doing it through all kinds of things, doing it through my own television program. I have a campaign manager on the east coast, I also have a campaign manager on the west coast. We're doing everything we can. I'm going on the 11th to Las Vegas to be interviewed [by Veterans in Politics along with] other candidates for President. I've asked to be involved in other debates, but they haven't invited me.

J: What do you think about getting money out of politics?

D: When I ran for VP with Alan Keyes, who was President candidate in 2008, I said one of the first things I would do, would be to establish all politicians as voluntary, no salary.

J: What about all the bribery that happens with the lobbyists?

D: Well, that's the problem. If these politicians want paid, and they were just being bribed, they could turn those kind of things down, and we wouldn't have to worry about them getting bribed.

J: How do we get them to turn it down?

D: Well, we just make 'em do what is righteous. That's why I said, 'the establishment of a righteous body politic.' It has to be righteous based on the scripture; based on the bible.

J: How many Southern Baptists are in the United States?

D: There's about fifteen million Southern Baptists.

J: Is there a way for you to reach out to all of them?

D: Absolutely. We have what is called a Southern Baptist Convention and of course, with Facebook and all those sort of things. I was also the second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2007. I'm also the guy who recommended to the convention that we boycott Disneyland and we did, and the boycott was successful.

J: What did you boycott them for?

D: We boycotted them because they were promoting the sin of sodomy.

J: How? (long silence). How were they promoting that?

D: Well, they were promoting it by saying if you were a sodomite, you got special treatment as an employee and you could have any lifestyle you wanted, and especially the sodomite lifestyle.

J: Special privileges? Like what kind of privileges?

D: Well, special privileges like they would be able to do whatever they wanted to do and uh... the uh... thing that was sorted, I think the uh... turning point was when a lady got up at the Convention and said that her sons came to her and said, 'Mommy, why is that boy, why is that man, putting his tongue into the other man's mouth?' and she said 'Well, it's because they believe that's the way men should love, and it's wrong'. So that's when she said, that's why we should stand against Disney because they're promoting that. They're promoting the sodomite lifestyle. They want to call it all kinds of other words and other terminologies, but the bible calls it...

He asked me to hang on. I wasn't going anywhere.

When he came back, he explained that while he was in Las Vegas, he's going to meet with the attorney for the Cliven Bundy case.

D: The reason that's important for my candidacy is because I have said from day one that on the first day of my presidency, I will issue a pardon, a full pardon, for all people involved in the Cliven Bundy or Burns Oregon case.

J: You don't think he should pay to graze his cattle on federal property?

D: Absolutely not. Because that property doesn't belong to the government. That property belongs to him and the government is not even to own property. The Constitution says they're only able to own ten square miles in Washington D.C. and ports and authorities. Nothing to do with property and land and they be illegally taking over that land.

J: So are you saying the National Parks are illegally made into parks?

D: Absolutely.

J: So who does that land belong to? The American Indians?

D: Well, some of it belongs to American Indians, some of it belongs to people in general, but that's who it belongs to, and they've taken it away from the Indians, they've taken it away from everybody, and the last ranch left is Cliven Bundy's there in Nevada. And so the first thing I would do as President is issue a full pardon for anyone involved in the Cliven Bundy or the Burns Oregon case.

I asked Wiley Drake for his email, which he gave me. I sent him a request to sign the Pledge for Honest Candidates, saying "You were correct in saying that we need righteous civil servants to be elected to Congress. Take a look at the specifics of the Pledge and you will see that it demands integrity in both the system of governance (no corruption by money) and in the ballot box (no rigging of the voting system). Without these things, we cannot have confidence in our government or our representatives."