American Jewish Congress Statement on Decertification of Iran Deal

The American Jewish Congress supports the decision taken by President Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal. While we opposed the deal at the time we were happy to be proven wrong, but we have not been. Looking back now we feel even more confident that this is a bad agreement that goes against the interests of Israel, America and citizens of the world that are opposed to terror.

At the time of the signing, it was the Obama Administration’s belief that the agreement would serve to bring Iran in from the cold and strengthen the moderates in the regime. However, the simple fact is that this not happened, and worse the Iranian regime has grown bolder and more dangerous. Unencumbered by the crippling sanctions that were working, they have continued to spread terror around the region.

We are mindful that the defence establishment and many world leaders are in favour of maintaining the deal, but sometimes we need fresh thinking. In business or politics, bad ideas have consequences and continuing to further a bad strategy when it has proven not to work is folly. The 15 year period where the nuclear program can be resumed is fast approaching, and it is time for a new paradigm on Iran for the safety of the region and good of the world.

Jack Rosen, President - American Jewish Congress

Dr. Munr Kazmir, Vice President - American Jewish Congress

Dr. Ben Chouake, Secretary - American Jewish Congress

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