'American Juggalo': A Short Documentary About America's Scariest Clowns (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Every August, jobs are quit across the nation, spray paint cans cracked open and bras ripped off, as the juggalos and jugalettes of America descend on the woods of Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, for the Gathering of the Juggalos, a glorious week of "titties, weed and fast food." Juggalos, for the uninitiated, are a distinct subgroup: they love the Insane Clown Posse, paint their faces, drink Faygo and like to fight. They're also mocked widely for all of the above, an animosity that fuels their sense of community and constant proclamations of how much they love each other. Theirs is a family, they insist, widely dispersed, and they reunite every year at Cave-In Rock for a deranged version of Thanksgiving. This Tila Tequila warzone is the backdrop for director Sean Dunne's documentary "American Juggalo," a quick, interview-driven look at the questionable behavior of our very own Chavs.

Witness the heavily pregnant girl smoking a cigarette who says, "this is the village I want my child to be raised by." Or the boyfriend who scrawled "titties for a dollar" on his girlfriend's stomach, so she can make enough money to eventually head home. It's like a before and after commercial for whippits, only with no before part. And you're invited!

WATCH the full movie below (NSFW):