'American Meat' Documentary Spreads Joel Salatin's Gospel Around The Country

"American Meat," a new documentary about the state of the country's livestock industry, has been around for a couple years now, spreading celebrity farmer Joel Salatin's gospel of sustainable agriculture. But this fall, the makers of the documentary have made a special push to bring the movie to an audience that could really be affected by it: young people.

They've been screening the film around the country since October, in the hopes of convincing some students to become farmers. As Joel Salatin explains in the trailer, embedded above, transitioning to organic agriculture will require far more people to work on farms than do so right now. That makes it important for young people to consider agricultural work a serious career.

The Young Farmer Screening Series takes place in colleges and other youth-oriented venues in 10 states: Missouri, Washington, Virginia, California, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. Most of the screenings, which run through the spring, are followed by question-and-answer periods with some of the filmmakers or local farmers. The tour is currently in Virginia; the movie is screening tonight at Virginia Tech.



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