American Muslims have rights too

American Muslims have rights too
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Terrorism is a heinous and horrific act often done to achieve some sort of political gain. In today's time, the majority of terrorism done in the name of Islam is by radical, misguided Muslims. Unfortunately, due to the rise of Islamic radicalism, terrorism has been equated with the religion of Islam.

There are instances in which terrorism has directly affected Muslims, including here in the United States. One such instance is the recent bombing at a Minnesota mosque. Fortunately, no one was injured during that incident.

This goes against every ideal America has stood for since its beginnings.

American Muslims, just like any other religious group, have the right, as long as they are law abiding, to practice their faith without fear and backlash. I pray for those individuals who were affected by this incident as well as anyone else who had been affected by religious discrimination regardless of their faith. It is simply un-American to attack anyone due to their religious preference.

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