Someone Finally Finished The Course To Win 'American Ninja Warrior'

A ninja to be seen.

It took seven seasons, but a contestant has finally finished the "American Ninja Warrior" finals course. Actually, two did.

Both Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten completed the once considered impossible-to-complete course in Las Vegas Monday night, with Caldiero doing so in slightly faster fashion. Over 3,500 competitors had tried and failed to reach that goal before them.

With the Stage 4 time of 26.14 seconds -- just three seconds faster than Britten's -- Caldiero became the first winner of the competition, since the content rules dictate only completion of the finals course would allow someone to be awarded the trophy and $1,000,000 prize money. 

Caldiero told E! correspondent Ken Baker that he had never made over $10,000 in a year and that he was "still in awe" of the million dollar prize. The professional rock climber had built a replica of part of the finals course in his backyard and had trained all year for this moment.

Since he had a time that was three seconds slower than Caldiero, the second place contestant, Britten, does not get $1,000,000 for also completing the seemingly impossible course.

Britten retweeted this Monday night:

Here's the video of Caldiero's completion of Stage 3 and insane climb up Mt. Midoriyama in Stage 4 to win.


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