American Politics Is A Dumpster Fire - It's Time To Elect Canada For President

The American election is in a downward spiral. American hero, Ken Bone's terrible fall from grace shows that Trump wasn't wrong: we've got a country filled with bad hombres. We're staring down the barrel of a potentially violent and unsettling election driven by a man who will accept the results of the election only if he wins. What the fuck, America?

That's why the Canada Party thinks our best option is electing Canada as POTUS. We might be biased but we think our neighbors to the North offer a pretty great alternative to the insanity that's currently being tossed around in American politics.

Electing Canada for president is certainly an alluring fantasy but voting in this election is your obligation. Jokes aside, this election is the most divisive in modern American history. Hillary Clinton is by no means a demonic soul sucking vacuum, as suggested by the video, but Trump is one hundred percent a reality tv host and nothing more. It's no longer about the lesser of two evils. It's just one evil, and one person who is clearly prepared for the position.

It's time to consider where the country is headed and to make a smart vote on November 8th. Speak out and let others know that the election isn't rigged. Despite everything Donald Trump has said we can't let people give into violent impulses in the name of protecting democracy. The only way to do that now is to vote and encourage others to do the same.