Lloyd Marcus Gives Tea Party Movement Its Own Anthem (VIDEO)


In case you haven't noticed, the latest fad in faux populism is the new "Tea Party" movement, which is the new new thing among the extreme followers of blind-following. Basically these Teabaggers gather in the tens of tens, to sound a clear voice for the poor private wealth manager, who may lose a bonus just because he chopped up a bunch of bad mortgages and puppy dog tails and tried to make a fund out of it. They also speak for the people who believe that infrastructure projects should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, instead of relying on taxpayer funding. Mostly, though, they see the stimulus package passed by Congress for what it is -- A PURE UNADULTERATED LENINGASM that would prevent the more desirous outcome of a long and painful exacerbation of the economic downturn.

Really, these guys have it all! And they could probably acquire the Ron Paul blimp on alternate weekends if no one else is using it! But what they've lacked, thus far, is a theme song. Something for which Sarah Palin can swap out the Star Spangled Banner. Happily, they now have the tuneful stylings of Lloyd Marcus to work with, and his "American Tea Party Anthem," which inveighs against the socialist government who DARED to stimulate the economy.

This is just the sort of funk that the Panic of 1873 needed. Look for "American Tea Party Anthem" on the forthcoming Goin' Galt! Songs of Twenty-First Century Fake Populism, along with Billy Bragg's "Marching Song Of the Covert Battalions" and a bunch of Spiro Agnew speeches remixed by Girl Talk.

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