27 Things You'll Miss About America When You're Abroad

27 Things You'll Miss About America When You're Abroad

You're pumped for vacation. You should be, you deserve it and you probably don't take it enough.

But then the panic attack sets in: All those things you take for granted like, um, ICE, that just are not that common overseas. Yea, you'll be without them.

Here are some things you'll-- shockingly -- be longing for soon enough.

1. Fried stuff. Oh, sweet delicious fried stuff.

2. Ice. Ice, BABY.

3. Complete strangers -- check out ladies, pharmacists, gas station attendants -- asking you how you are.

4. Good ole American patriotism.

5. The way the phone rings on the other end. Seriously, make a phone call in the U.K. It just does not sound normal.

6. Our particular brand of nerdiness. Fanny packs! Mid-calf socks!

7. The TV shows (sorry Downton Abbey).

8. Girl Scout cookies! Uh, hello tag-a-longs!

9. Drive-thrus... ATMs, liquor stores, Vegas-style wedding chapels, the works.

10. Sure, you can still celebrate Thanksgiving Day in other countries, but you will most certainly not have the same Black Friday experience.

11. Efficient and friendly customer service. They actually want to help you.

12. Peanut butter & jelly. Not a thing abroad.

13. WTF is a kilometer?

14. Free bathrooms. It's our right.

15. Straws. And fun bendy straws to boot.

16. AC/heat everywhere ALL THE TIME.

17. Our return policy. It's like buttah.

18. Coffee to-go. Not as ubiquitous as over there.

19. Complimentary bread baskets.

20. Powerball. It's just the best.

21. Heinz (aka sugary) ketchup. It's an artform, really.

22. Wearing sweats in public.

23. Automatic cars. Stick shifts are the suck.

24. Solo cups. These aren't even that cool.

25. Free refills. Free refills FTW.

26. Potato chips.

27. Diet Coke.

strong>Clarification: The language regarding Thanksgiving has been changed to clarify that Thanksgiving of course can be celebrated outside America, but Black Friday as Americans know it is a unique feature to this country.


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