'American Weed' Premiere: Joel Teaches Brother Jesse How To Clone Bubba Kush Cannabis (VIDEO)

When Jesse Stanley realized that they had only one plant of the Bubba Kush variety of marijuana on "American Weed" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on National Geographic), he was concerned. This was one of the most important strains they have, so how could this have happened? It turned out to be little more than an oversight.

But his brother Joel saw it as an opportunity to teach Jesse how to clone the plant. After all, it's important they both know how to do this important job so they can continue to expand and grow the strains that are the most important to their business.

"American Weed" is a new reality series that chronicles the world of legalized marijuana in Colorado. While the drug is currently legal in the state, it's also under a lot of scrutiny and pressure right now, and dispensaries are subject to raids from the DEA. While the series spotlights everything from opponents to patients, growers to sellers, a big chunk of the focus is on Josh Stanley's dispensaries and crops that he manages with the help of several brothers, including Jesse and Joel.

It's a contentious time for medical marijuana in the state, which is a shadow looming over the business the brothers are trying to succeed in, along with a few others featured in this series premiere. Should the tide turn against them while the cameras are rolling, the series could well capture a very interesting chapter in the war over marijuana.

Find out how it plays out as "American Weed" continues Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on National Geographic.

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