American Women Among Top Cheaters

By Charlene Bert, Executive Editor,

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate social, economic and political achievements of women, while honing in on areas where inequality still exists.

While we celebrate 'how far we've come' ( we actually hate that phrase), there are still some behaviors of which American women should not be proud. Apparently, we rank near the top worldwide in terms of how many of us cheat -- as in infidelity.

How does it all tie in to the celebration of female empowerment? The affair website Victoria Milan reports it saw a 37 percent spike in female members around and just after Women's Day celebrations last year. (How we feel about a cheating website is a discussion for another article. Let's just say, EWWWWW.)

The site also surveyed 4,000 of its four million members (in 33 countries) and the U.S. is #3 in terms of greatest numbers of cheaters.

1. United Kingdom: 38 percent are over 40-years-old.

2. Sweden: 36 percent are 'sexy cougars.'

3. United States: 22 percent single women looking for a married man. (We ask, why?!)

4. Ireland: 46 percent looking for a one night stand.

5. France: 20 percent open to a "Ménage à Trois."

What do you think drives women to cheat? Do the numbers surprise you?

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