American You-phoria And President Trump

America was a country that was built on a foundation of delirious dreams and was ultimately created via a rage-filled rebellion that was waged against the tyranny of a callous monarchy, and here we are 240 years later and we are right back where we started.

The only problem is, this time, an Ivory Tower candy-date and his arm candy-date wife who have never in their entire lives looked a common person directly in the eye, became King and Queen by offering the emotionally impoverished, ravenous, and ignobly ignored masses an unlimited supply of self-respect and miraculously managed to do that by tapping into their psyche by becoming the voice of their deepest level of contempt and that has left the ruling class temporarily "you-phoric."

This, it turns out, was fairly easy to do.

First, you kickstart your cult by becoming the host of a fake reality show. As Paddy Chayefsky knew all too well, lemmings love their soaps, and if you create the right electronic pulpit you can preach to millions by creating the illusion that you are sermonizing to one person at a time.

That is the counterfeit intimacy of TV.

When you watch it, you think you are the one and only cherished viewer. You have no problem watching it naked or in your underwear because as far as you are concerned you are in a deeply committed relationship with it and it with you.

Politics have become a new form of Big Brother thanks to that voyeuristic bitch, the internet. Wisdom and thoughtfulness have been co-opted by an endless stream, no, a stampede, of non-stop information that feeds us through the invisible intravenous tube of tablets and phones.

Information is inescapable and we are all literally programmed with the greatest of sleaze.

Part of the accidental brilliance of Trump was the way he tapped into America through his tweets. He was using the direct line to everyone. Vox internet populi indeed.

And hey, if someone hacked your personal emails, you would go totally postal, right?

Once again, he sang directly to the body electronic.

Attacking Hillary and her emails was the perfect blackmail.

In a lifelong and deeply committed effort to at once usurp the success of his father while systematically ensuring his own colossal failure (which you can blame on a spectacular lack of talent, ability, and people skills) Trump became a full-on attention grabbing addict.

Sadly, this is where Hillary failed most spectacularly.

Most of us at some point or other, rebel against our mommies. We knock them off their thrones and for years we may even hate their guts.

Most parents go through this and I can tell you first hand, it is a personal hell.

But sooner or later the kids come round, usually in their late twenties, when they suddenly realize that they need you, your money, your refrigerator and your washer and dryer.

Hillary Clinton, despite her occasional lapses of effete self-defeatism and lousy judgment, was still a veteran, uber-experienced political warrior of the global stage, whose record for being the champion of the people was both indisputable and accomplished.

Trump simply and unconsciously fed the national epidemic of teenage level tantrums and disgust by making Hillary out to be the mother that we all mutually despise.

And it worked.

And it didn't stop there. Let's not just blame mommy, let's blame the immigrants who could be blamed for all our personal losses.

And just like that, it was Germany in the '40s all over again. The exact. Same. Scenario.

President Obama's unenviable first task in office was to fix our GOP pulverized economy. He had to attend to the banks and then car industry. Unfortunately to the public the guilty and the greedy got off scot-free while their everyday life worlds went unchanged.

Obamacare, was meant to be the big fat gift to the needy. And sex marriage was a gift to American decency and fairness. It was a loud statement that said: "we are no longer who we used to be."

And just look how the GOP has dealt with all that. You and I know the difference. We see the transparency. We get what they did.

Those of suck on the tit Fox News do not.

To everyday folks--and this is true all over the planet---when all you've got is the parched soil beneath your feet, a mountain of bills, hungry children and the bible to turn to, in the end, fancy gifts don't mean much--especially when those gifts were man handled brutally opposing congressional forces and Republican governors.

America, over the last 8 years, has been brutally raped by the Republican Party who made it job one to obstruct, destroy and humiliate our first African-American president. In January 2008 we reached a plateau of human evolution and the consciousness that is the caboose of dreams, only to watch it be systematically eviscerated by the covert racism of the GOP.

Now we will have to all sit and wait and watch from the sidelines as the GOP, who was all but dead in the water, gets the undeserved reward of getting to do whatever they want, when they want.

Being a perennially optimistic, glass-ceiling-half-full kind of guy, I am encouraged by one possibility.

That Trump's lack of impulse control, coupled with his willingness to act like a snarling, unchained attack dog, may make it impossible for Washington to play the game by its old rules anymore. And with that, he may actually give the people what they want.

In the meantime, I suggest you all do what I believe to my core, that the GOP has never done.