English Cafe’s Sign Sums Up How The World Feels About America Right Now

*Cough* BREXIT *cough*

A chalkboard sign outside of a café in England is getting some Americans’ knickers in a bunch.

On Nov. 10, Daniel Alpert tweeted out a photo of a chalkboard sign he saw in Clerkenwell, England, that quickly went viral:

The sign, found in front of Goswell Road Coffee (which is a café, and not a pub), reads: “All Americans must be accompanied by an adult.”

Due to heightened emotions and an overwhelming sense of fear in the U.S. after Donald Trump was elected president this week, many on Twitter weren’t laughing.

Some reactions were genuinely funny:

And some who liked the sign felt compelled to speak up:

“Our signs are not meant as offensive but it is imperative to remember that offence is taken, not given,” a representative for Adrian Jones, the owner of the café, told The Huffington Post.

The representative also mentioned: “We also take the piss out of our own establishment.”


Jonestown Coffee, which is also owned by Jones, was responsible for this post-Brexit gem back in June:

In response to the backlash, Goswell Road shared this message on Nov. 11:

The account also featured a picture of Friday’s sign.

Bloody hell.

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