Americans Can Be Taxing on Taxes

As tax season nears in the United States of America, the idea of taxes should be explored. Some politicians install fear about taxes and the absurdness of them into the general public. This creates a fear of if there are more taxes; government may get larger, which will lead to the downfall of the United States of America. Or, they make the general public assume that working for money should not be taxed. But, the earner is supposed to keep a larger chunk of his or her profits. Yet, for one moment let me get you out of that mindset that is taught and actively voiced in American politics.

The size of government is matter of ratio depending on the size of population: for example, if there are 100,000 citizens in a country and that country had 90,000 governmental employees. Then I would rightful assume that government is massive because 90 percent of the workforce is in government. According to Office of Personnel Management there are an estimated 4,185,000 employees as of 2014 in the government. Then the amount of people estimated to live in America is 318,900,000. Thus, the American government is only 1.31 percent of the workforce: whereas, The Denmark government is 12.79 percent of the workforce. The American government is small for the amount of people that live in America. Moreover, it is not the size of the government that would deteriorate a country because Denmark has a big government and is considered one of the happiest countries on the world. The things that deteriorate a country are the policies that a government adopts and the thoughts a country maintains. For instance, if a country adopts an unlawful censorship or witch hunt-mentality, which would be an alarming sign due to what behaviors and actions it may produce within the general public.

Furthermore, assuming work should avoid being taxed is an asinine assumption. The matter should not be about work being taxed but rather where are the taxes going. Taxes are used to build roads, schools, medicine, public places, and so on. If taxes are appropriated properly, great rewards will start appearing in public life. Yet, the American government does not do this, but has an inclination to protect special interest. One instance of this is subsidizes given to oil companies to ensure that it stays at a low price and boast the industry. Yet, if we eliminate this subsidize and give it to clean energy, there may be advances in the technology and an increase in demand.

When demanding taxes to be lowered or shrinking government, think before an assumption is produced. It is not a matter what the politicians paint, but what is behind the canvass. A better system of utilizing taxes can have tremendously great impacts on the public life by creating better public facilities.