Americans' Grasp Of Geography Hits New Low (Trust Us) On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

"Africa is not a country."

America’s ignorance of geography is off the charts in this “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment from Thursday.

The host used President Donald Trump’s European trip to emphasize how it is everyone’s responsibility to have knowledge of the world. So the show conducted a test on the streets.

Passers-by were asked to point to a country ― any country ― on a map of the world.

They couldn’t do it, not even for the United States.

“Shouldn’t I be taught this in school?” asks one woman.

Another says she went to college ― “That’s the sad part.”

Finally, along comes a whiz kid to restore our faith in all that is good about actually knowing where places are on this planet.

Watch the segment above.

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