Americans' Climate Change Knowledge: Fossil Fuels Are Fossilized Dinosaurs, Global Warming Is Beneficial And 12 Other Ridiculous Beliefs (PHOTOS)

A new report released by Yale, "Americans' Knowledge Of Climate Change," reveals an extremely alarming absence of accurate information when it comes to what Americans know about the climate and energy. The report's findings are based on a survey of 2,030 American adults and include some shocking results, such as a large belief that fossil fuels are the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, rockets punching holes in the ozone contribute to global warming, and that some actually believe global warming is beneficial.

Yale's researchers found that 52% of those surveyed would receive a failing grade for their knowledge of the climate change and energy issues they were surveyed on, while only 8% got an A or B.

In a time rife with so many intentional efforts to obscure the reality about climate change, it's understandable that many Americans would be confused and misinformed about vital issues relating to energy and the climate. That's why we're presenting The Huffington Post Spotlight series on energy, where we bring together leading experts to debate controversial topics like nuclear power, natural gas and our energy future.

GO HERE to submit your questions for the debates, and read on to see some of the most shocking misconceptions Americans have about climate change and energy.

Captions are from Yale's "Americans' Knowledge Of Climate Change" report.

What Americans Don't Know About Climate Change
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