80 Percent Of Americans Spend An Extra Day A Week Working After Hours, New Survey Says

Most Americans Work Seven Extra Hours A Week

With the pressure on for employees to stay connected after normal work hours, attaining a work-life balance is still far from reality for most Americans

A recent survey by Good Technology found that some 80 percent of the 1,000 Americans polled said they spend time checking emails and answering phone calls after hours.

In the end, workers spend an average of seven extra hours per week -- or 30 hours each month -- on work-related issues, notes Digital Journal.

As TechCrunch explains, that's nearly one extra workday every week for the average American worker.

In order to rack up those extra hours, half of those surveyed said they start checking work email from bed in the morning, while 69 percent said they logged in again just before going to bed.

The extra work is eating into family time, as well. More than half of respondents said they checked work email during family outings, while 38 percent said they did so while at the dinner table.

But perhaps the inability of Americans to turn away from their work lives isn't too surprising, given the country's reputation as one of the world's most vacation-deprived.

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