America's 10 Best Burgers, According To National Geographic

As we've worked our way through National Geographic's "The 10 Best Of Everything," we've stepped into the best historic homes, taken in the best cathedrals, stood in awe of the best world heritage sites, shown off our own best national parks, set sail for the world's best islands and pre-gamed for the Olympics at London's best pubs.

Now, we're finishing our tour on a rather tasty note. There isn't much that screams "America" more than a nice juicy hamburger. And, what better way to get into the July Fourth spirit than by celebrating this American icon?

National Geographic has taken a stab at the country's best burgers (some available internationally as well) in the list below. But, burgers are certainly a subjective experience, so we expect there will be a few objections. Love 'em or hate 'em, leave your burger thoughts in the comments below!

#10 Shake Shack

10 Best Hamburgers

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