America's Ten Angriest Cities, According To The Daily Beast

Are These America's Angriest Cities? (PHOTOS)

In the midst of Tea Party tiffs, Occupy rallies, and a Congressional approval rating that hovers perilously close to rock bottom, this may seem a simplified overstatement, but it's a powerful truth: People are angry.

While the economy slowly grinds back into high gear, The Daily Beast has taken the trouble to answer an interesting question: Which people are the angriest? Using data on protest sizes from recent Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party gatherings, the blog has ranked America's top ten angry cities.

The Daily Beast's methodology and justification for each city's inclusion offers an interesting read, though a more appropriate title may be "cities with the most political clash." For straight anger, a Men's Health study based on crime rates, traffic data, and other city-maddening statistics offers a more comprehensive analysis (and very different results). A Forbes study on the most stressful cities also offers insight (and still more divergent results).

For example: Denver breaks easily onto The Beast's list, but a city with more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks isn't rife with anger. That said, there's no question Denverites (or any of the other cities on the list) don't shy away from political activism.

America's ten angriest cities, ranked from least to most, according to the Daily Beast:

10 -- New York City


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