America's Most And Least Attractive Locals (PHOTOS)

Las Vegas really let itself go.
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Can simply traveling to a city make you better looking?

Liz Eckert would say so. On a recent visit to southern California, the Connecticut real estate agent was struck by the gorgeous scenery -- as in, the people. She chalked it up to the locals' regular access to sand, surf and sunshine.

"After one week there, I actually looked and felt healthier," she says. "My skin was glowing, my hair was shiny, and even my nails grew--and they never grow."

Given the area's seemingly magical powers of osmosis, it's no wonder that both San Diego and Los Angeles made it into the top five cities for America's best-looking people, according to Travel + Leisure readers. New results are in from the annual America's Favorite Cities survey, in which readers rate 35 metropolitan areas for qualities such as people-watching, walkable streets, and hot music scenes.

This year, the attractive locals category saw a fair amount of movement: The new No. 1 city is a past champ that had previously fallen from grace, and several cities have made impressive rebounds in the rankings or else seemingly let themselves go.

--Katrina Brown Hunt

No. 10 Minneapolis/St. Paul

America's Most and Least Attractive People

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