America's Best Cities: San Francisco Ranked As Number One (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: And The Best City In America Is...

Though no surprise to the 800,000 people who live in San Francisco, cities across the nation were humbled by the foggy metropolis when it was ranked number one in Bloomberg Businessweek's annual America's 50 Best Cities list.

Utilizing Bloomberg Rankings, evaluated 100 of the country's largest cities, considering recreational activities, economic health, air quality, safety, education and crime. And this year, San Francisco came out on top.

"It's certainly an honor for San Francisco to be named 'America's Best City,' and it's great to get recognition for the good work San Franciscans have done," wrote Mayor Ed Lee in a statement. "San Francisco is committed to being the best place to live, work and visit, and there is nowhere else on earth where you will find the economic opportunities and world-class events found in our great City."

Businessweek noted San Francisco's cultural centers, restaurants and nightlife, social and environmental causes and proximity to the prosperous Silicon Valley.

San Francisco neighbor, Oakland, also made this list, clocking in at 39--a far cry from number one, but still remarkably higher than Los Angeles.

Businessweek's list isn't the only recent mention of San Francisco and the Bay Area: earlier this month, Forbes listed San Francisco's Mission District as the second most hipster city in America (trailing LA's Silver Lake), and last week, San Jose was named the richest city in America. And in January, defying all odds, Oakland was named the number one city in America to visit by the New York Times.

See all 50 of America's Best Cities at, and check out the top 20 in our slideshow below:

1: San Francisco

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