America’s Best Galleries Name Di, Powalka, Zheng, Zhu And Lakrisenko The World’s Best Oil Artists Of 2017

Realists from China, Poland and Russia dominated the Oil - Human Figure category of the 2017 AMERICAN ART AWARDS.

This year the American Art Awards (, juried by the 25 Best Galleries & Museums In America (listed below), had online art images in 50 CATEGORIES submitted from artists in 56 COUNTRIES: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Wales.

The 1st Place to 6th Place winners in all 50 categories will be revealed in the news about a category a day - stretching into November, making this one of the longest winner announcements of any art competition in the world.

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* * * BIO ON 1ST PLACE WINNER KEXIN DI / Male / Born in Jan1984, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, China

* * * WEB SITE:: 

Full-time fine artist in Wuhan Art Institute; Membership of China Artists Association, membership of Fine Art Society of Zhejiang Province, China; membership of ArtSpace; specialist in Wuhan Artists Association.

* Education:

2004 Graduated from the Attached Secondary School of Academy of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 2008 Graduated from the First Studio at the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Arts with a BFA degree 2011 Graduated from the First Studio at the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Arts with an MFA degree 2011- present: Work as a fine artist in Wuhan Art Institute

* Accomplishments of Exhibition:

2006 the oil painting "the Sea in My Heart" was selected to the First China's Art College Teachers' and Students' Oil Painting Exhibition held by China Artists Association and won the First Prize.

2007 the oil painting "Noon" was included in the collection of China's Ministry of Culture

2008 the oil painting "Spring Tide" was selected to be on display in the "the National Exhibition of Art Works: Commemorate of the 30th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening", held by China Artists Association, and won the Excellence Prize. It was exhibited in the Guangdong Museum of Arts.

2008 the oil painting "the Edge of City" and other series of graduate works won the Golden Prize of "Luo Zhongli Art Scholarship", and was exhibited respectively in National Art Museum of China and Sichuan Art Museum

2009 the oil painting "Burning Soil" won the Earl of Cromier Scholarship Awards (UK) and was exhibited in Sichuan Art Museum

2009 the oil painting "the Event of Lu Jia Valley" was included by the president of China Academy of Arts, Xu Jiang, and his group of research and creation of large historical painting

2010 Personally interviewed by the art magazine "Fortune & Art" as the Hot Topic Artist 2010 won the graduate fellowship of China Academy of Arts

2010 Won the First Prize of Marie Art Scholarship

2011 the oil painting "Seismoscope" was selected to the Culture in Jiangnan "My land and My People" National Fine Arts Exhibition, held by China Artists Association, and was exhibited in Zhejiang Art Museum

2011 won Lin Fengmian Art Scholarship 2011 Honored as the Excellent Graduate in Zhejiang Province

2012 Art Interview in "New Vision" 39th issue

2013 "Flouring Ages" art book series were published

2013 the oil painting "Paper-cutting Girl" was exhibited in "New Realistic Oil Painting" Exhibition of HIHEY Art Gallery.

2013 the oil painting "Burning Soil" was on display in the joint exhibition in Enjoy Museum of Art in 798 Art Gallery District.

2013 the oil painting "The Seismoscope" was on display in "E-JingHua

2013" realistic painting joint exhibition in the Times Art Museum in Beijing

2013 the oil painting "Past Days", "Passing Scenario", "Girl in the Museum", etc. were on display in the Art Expo in National Agriculture Exhibition Center

2014 the oil painting "the Blue Charm" was on display in "E-JingHua" Exquisite Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition, in the Imperial Art Museum.

2014 the oil painting "Dante's Roses" was published in the art book “The Young Blood-Chinese famous young artists"

2014 the oil painting "Expectation" was selected to the 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China, held by China Artists Association, and won the Golden Prize in Hubei Province Art Exhibition, and was exhibited in Zhejiang Art Museum.

2015 the oil painting "On the Other Shore" was on display in "Art Tangshan" Realistic Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition

2015 the oil painting "Love for Life" was exhibited in the "E-JingHua"

2015 Realistic Oil Painting Joint Exhibition in Times Art Museum in Beijing

2015 the oil painting "Expectation" was selected to the Footprints of Times: Art Exhibition in Nanjing China

2015 held by China Artists Association

2015 the oil painting "Return from Fishing" won the Excellence Prize in the Wu Guanzhong Museum of Arts, Nationwide Art Exhibition

2015 held by China Artists Association

2015 the oil painting "Fishing Break" won the Excellence Prize in the "Silk Road, Fantastic Gansu": 9th Western China Nationwide Art Exhibition on the Love of Earth held by China Artists Association

2016 the oil painting "Dimmed Night" was invited to the be on display in the Art Salon Invitational Exhibition

2016 held by Rongbaozhai Wuhan, alongside with famous artists Leng Jun and Guo Runwen, in Wuhan Art Gallery

2016 the oil painting "Seasons when awaiting you" was on display in the Youth Art Exhibition in Bridge Gallery in 798 Art Gallery District.

2017 the oil painting "Leisurely Days" won the Excellence Prize of China (Nanchang) Military Art Exhibition held by China Artists Association

2017 the oil painting "Under the Sun" won the Excellence Prize of China National Art Exhibition of the 10th west side art held by China Artists Association

2017 five oil paintings of "YE YU Series" were on display in the ArtSpace Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition

2017, held by Rongbaozhai Wuhan, alongside with famous artists Leng Jun and Guo Runwen, in Wuhan Art Gallery

2017 the oil painting "Golden Branches and Jade Leaves", "When Joy's Coming", "Tian Ye", were invited to be on display in the Focus on China: Youth Contemporary Artists Exhibition. They were exhibited in the Palazzo Velli Expo (piazza di Sant'Egidio 10), alongside with works of famous Italian artist Carla Nico, and Andrea Fogli, the professor of the sculpture department in Accademia Belle Arti ROMA, and Turkish artist Lsik ozcelik.

2017 oil painting < the story about artists> was published on American International Artists magazine issued 114.

2017 oil painting <sister wearing the Chinese blue and white> won the award of “Best in show“ in the 39th annual international figurative art competition in Salmagundi Club in New york city. Which prize of Best in show was taken is the first Asian person won till now.

2017 oil painting <the story about artists> won the selected awards of the 9th International Figurative Art competition in Barcelona, held by MEAM museum and ARC Gallery. This big competition judged by master Antonio Lopez, Nicola, etc. The selected works exhibit in MEAM museum in Barcelona and ARC in America.

2017 Three oil paintings of "YE YU Series" was invited to be on display in "THE RULES-Two Orders: China Contemporary Youth Artists Nomination Exhibition" in Beijing SK Tower.

2017 oil paintings <YE YU series> was invited to be on display in “Sparking Space: Chinese and Japanese modern artists invited art exhibition”, in Shi Chuan Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo. annually awards 25 museums and galleries in Spring, and with their critique in Autumn, awards 300 artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists.).

Below are the 25 BEST GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS IN AMERICA who agreed to vote on the 2017 American Art Awards:

BEST IN PENNSYLVANIA — JAMES A. MICHENER ART MUSEUM. “... 40,000 sq. ft.... world-class group of paintings... permanent collection of more than 2,800 objects... accredited world-class facility... diverse program of educational activities... more than 135,000 annual visitors...”

BEST IN LOUISIANA — NEWCOMB ART MUSEUM. “... legacy of education, social enterprise, and artistic experience. Presenting inspirin exhibitions and programs that engage communities... founded in 1886... recognizes the contributions of women to the fields of art and design....”

BEST IN ILLINOIS — HILLIGOSS GALLERIES. “Chicago’s Premier Art Gallery for 20+ years. The two-story 8,500 sq. ft. gallery is the epitome of a well-oiled machine... perfect marriage of artist, collector and setting... original paintings by the world’s finest living artists, as well as fine prints by historic and 20th century masters.”

BEST IN NEVADA — THE METROPOLITAN GALLERY OF LAS VEGAS ART MUSEUM. “... over 20,000 sq. ft.... intellectual excellence and leadership... dedicated to raising awareness... promotes an understanding and appreciation of art by making accessible to the public fine art exhibitions, educational programs, and cultural events... local, regional and international artists... “

BEST IN KENTUCKY — E&S GALLERY. “... professionalism, reputation, gallery space, exhibitions, artist roster and clientele... 11,000 sq. ft. gallery, custom framing and art publishing... African American art with an unmatched selection of artists, medium, subject matter, and genres. ... “

BEST IN MISSISSIPPI — OHR-O’KEEFE ART MUSEUM. “...just as Ohr (1857-1918) rose from devastating personal and professional loss to create an extraordinary body of work, so too the Ohr-O’Keefe has risen from Hurricane Katrina’s destruction... diverse cultural heritage of the Mississippi Gulf Coast... compelling exhibitions and educational experiences......”

BEST IN NEBRASKA — KIECHEL FINE ART. “...few have the roster and esteem as Keichel... discerning eye... three story four gallery showplace... many of the top Midwestern Contemporary artists... “

BEST IN COLORADO — COLORADO SPRINGS FINE ARTS CENTER. “132,000 sq. ft... one of the only multi-discipline arts institutions... For nearly 100 years, the top cultural attraction of the Pikes Peak region... world’s finest art... extraordinary visceral experiences...”

BEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA — SOUTH DAKOTA ART MUSEUM. “Since 1970... artistic legacy of South Dakota in all its diversity. Harvey Dunn, Native American art, Marghab Linens... 7,000 objects in its collection...”

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA — MARY MARTIN GALLERY OF FINE ART. “... excellence and steady expansion... museum quality art including bronze and stone sculptures, original oil and acrylic paintings, extraordinary watercolors... number one tourist destination in America... on par with Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive and NY’s Fifth Avenue...”

BEST IN UTAH — MEYER GALLERY. “... over 50 years, a contemporary art icon in Utah. The building (former First National Bank of Utah) is listed with the National Register of Historic Places and on the Park City Museum’s Historic district tour. Featuring both representational and abstract works... “

BEST IN NEW MEXICO — BLUE RAIN GALLERY. “...Santa Fe’s exceptional exhibitor of all factions of art... pieces from noted glass artisans to bronze sculptures and wood sculptures to two-dimensional works, artisans contribute elegant to elemental, neo-traditional to transcendental, neo-tribal to contemporary Native American... “

BEST IN MISSOURI — UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MUSEUM OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY. “...Stunning collections across a wide range of cultures... Greek, Roman, Near Eastern art works, ancient Egypt, Byzantium, Asian, African, Ancient Americas, and Oceanic cultures... important collections in European and American art from the fifteenth century to the present... “

BEST IN CALIFORNIA — CODA GALLERY. “A Palm Dessert landmark for thirty years, this contemporary El Paseo gallery has a vast collection of paintings, photography, sculpture, glass, and ceramic works by a wide range of established, mid-career, and emerging artists...”

BEST IN OREGON — ROGER YOST GALLERY. “Located in a 1927 art deco tower in the heart of Downtown Salem, Oregon’s capital city... more than 7500 sq. ft.. of exhibit space featuring paintings and sculpture from Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, France, Germany, Argentina, Russia, Spain, UK, Budapest and Hollywood. A second location coastal version in Newport...”

BEST IN ARIZONA — BENTLEY GALLERY. “For 30+ years, Bentley Gallery in Phoenix has been synonymous with contemporary painting and sculpture in the Southwestern U.S.... mid-career and museum-collected artists from the states and Europe, as well as ancient art and artifacts... Chinese bi and cong from the Neolithic period co-exist seamlessly with contemporary works...”

BEST IN MAINE — PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART. “Cultural heart of Portland... significant holdings of American, European, and contemporary art, as well as iconic works from Maine... a steadfast commitment to their community and region... their high level of attention to the complexity of art and history exemplifies respect for artwork and art makers...”

BEST IN CONNECTICUT — BRUCE MUSEUM. “113 years... high on a hill overlooking Greenwich Harbor... nearly 15,000 objects: paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photographs, multimedia compositions... accreditation from the American Association of Museums, an honor granted to fewer than 5% of all museums. Voted the best museum in Fairfield County... “

BEST IN FLORIDA — ART FUSION GALLERIES. “8,000 sq. ft.... in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District... preeminent gallery in Miami for integrating the best of Emerging to Mid-Career Contemporary artists... represents over 1,000... “

BEST IN INDIANA — HAAN MANSION MUSEUM OF INDIANA ART. “Holds the most extensive Indiana art collection in the US, including paintings from the Hoosier Group and Brown County Art Colony. Specializing in major oils, over 100 artists are represented. Haan is a true find; a rare hospitable time-capsule cradling a precious past.”

BEST IN VIRGINIA — WILLIAMSBURG ART GALLERY. “Located on Merchants Square along Duke of Gloucester Street in beautiful downtown Williamsburg, Virginia... Historic Triangle... a natural and inspiring home for art, dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the region as depicted by local as well as international artists, including exceptional work of Russian modern masters... a crossroads for art.”

BEST IN GEORGIA — HATHAWAY CONTEMPORARY GALLERY. “A premier contemporary art gallery located on the Westside of Atlanta. They give space to the cutting-edge artists of today to express creative voice and explore societal issues... committed to building a supportive, sustaining community for the arts.”

BEST IN MONTANA — DANA GALLERY. “4000 sq. ft. of space, making it the largest contemporary art gallery in Montana. Excellent 20+ year reputation. They represent Montana and regional painters many of whom are internationally recognized...”

BEST IN NEW JERSEY — EVALYN DUNN GALLERY. “It is very rare to find a gallery so successful that it is approaching it’s 60th year... also features the finest 20th Century American and European art...”

BEST IN HAWAII — LIK LAHAINA, LIK WAIKIKI. “Peter Lik has 12 exceptional gallery locations and is the most successful photographer in the world... sold upwards of $500 million of artwork... The 2014 sale of his B&W photo titled “Phantom” for $6,500,000.00 is the highest sum ever paid in its genre. Lik’s works make up four of the top 20 most expensive photographs ever sold.”

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