America's Best Galleries Name Ferguson, Harris, Galicano, Thapa, Phaizulline, Shook And Harada The World's Best Oil Artists Of 2016

This year the American Art Awards ( had winners from 40 countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UK, USA, and Wales.

I am president of, and happy to start revealing the winners, though most people know me from my portrayal of Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless and my BLUE X paintings  ( ).  

Max Ferguson had the highest amount of gallery points in the entire competition for his small oil tribute to 1920's flapper, Louise Brooks. India's Mukesh Thapa was awarded two places in this category, and won seven other awards in the other categories. All the winners in oil are exceptional talents. Phenomenal works.


1ST PLACE, AND BEST OF SHOW:  MAX FERGUSON, USA,, “Lulu [flapper Louise Brooks] In New York"  12 x 12"  Oil on panel.

2ND PLACE: RUSSELL HARRIS, USA,, "Passage"  16 x 20"  Oil on panel.

3RD PLACE: ROMULO N. GALICANO, PHILIPPINES,, "Siete De Agosto:  Allegory Of A Farce"  82 x 166"  Oil.

4TH - TIE:  MUKESH THAPA, INDIA,, "The Silent Friend"  34 x 29.5"  Oil.

4TH – TIE:  MUKESH THAPA, INDIA,, "Shade"  23.5 x 31.5"  Oil. 

5TH - TIE:  ILYAS PHAIZULLINE, RUSSIA,, "Man's Eternal Humiliation Of The Horse"  2.68 x 3m  Oil.

5TH - TIE:  S. RICHARD SHOOK, USA,, "Bike Club”  72 x  132”  Oil on canvas.

6TH PLACE:  TAKAYUKI HARADA, USA,, "In To Labyrinth"  15 x 15"  Oil on canvas.



Max Ferguson started as a filmmaker, making award-winning animated films as a teenager. As a visiting student at an art school in Amsterdam, his interest shifted to painting. “While my fellow art students were painting nudes of young women, I was painting octogenarians with canes.” Always a bit of a contrarian, Ferguson says, “It would seem that the louder and larger the work of my contemporaries grow, the quieter and smaller my paintings become.”

"My work is essentially autobiographical," says Ferguson, with his two most frequent models being his father and himself. "The more personal you get, the more universal you become. My paintings are generally populated by a solitary figure. In one sense it is a soliloquy. But there is someone else involved; the viewer. So it is more like a dialogue. It is that silent, emotional pas de deux between the two in which I am most interested."

Ferguson’s paintings are in many prominent private and public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum, and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Ferguson is highlighted in this link for his tribute to flapper Louise Brooks:

SEE MORE OF FERGUSON'S WORK HERE: ---------------------------------------------------------


BEST IN CALIFORNIA -- EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS GALLERY. "... professionalism, reputation, gallery space, red carpet events, trajectory, artist roster and clientele... Beverly Hills location... Laguna Beach location... two San Diego locations...”

BEST IN PENNSYLVANIA -- JAMES A. MICHENER ART MUSEUM. "...  40,000 square feet... world-class group of paintings... 2,800 objects... attract annually more than 135,000 visitors..."

BEST IN ILLINOIS -- HILLIGOSS GALLERIES. "20 years... Chicago’s Premier Art Gallery. The two-story 8,500 square foot gallery... original paintings by the world's finest living artists, as well as fine prints by historic and 20th century masters."

BEST IN UTAH -- UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. "...epitome of a contemporary museum... an award-winning aesthetic force and community leader since it was established 85 years ago... four-time recipient of funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation..."

BEST IN IOWA -- MOBERG GALLERY. "... exceptional eye for contemporary masterpieces... procured work for museums, corporate collections, private collections... sets the standard for modern art in the Midwest."

BEST IN RHODE ISLAND -- RISD MUSEUM. "140 years... 100,000 objects... Impressionist paintings, 20th- and 21st-century design, Gorham silver, 12th-century Buddha... Cézanne, Degas, Matisse, Manet, Picasso, Rothko, Sargent, Turner, van Gogh, Warhol..."

BEST IN COLORADO -- COLORADO SPRINGS FINE ART CENTER. "132,000 sq. ft...  one of the only multi-discipline arts institutions... For nearly 100 years, the top cultural attraction of the Pikes Peak region... world’s finest art... "

BEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA -- SOUTH DAKOTA ART MUSEUM. "Since 1970... artistic legacy of South Dakota in all its diversity. Harvey Dunn, Native American art, Marghab Linens... 7,000 objects in its collection..."

BEST IN NEBRASKA -- KIECHEL FINE ART.  "...few have the roster and esteem as Keichel... discerning eye... three story four gallery showplace... many of the top Midwestern Contemporary artists... "

BEST IN LOUISIANA -- NEWCOMB ART MUSEUM. "... founded in 1886... pays tribute to its heritage through shows that recognize the contributions of women to the fields of art and design...."

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA -- MARY MARTIN GALLERY OF FINE ART. " quality art ... number one tourist destination in America... on par with Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive and NY’s Fifth Avenue..."

BEST IN KENTUCKY -- E&S GALLERY. "... professionalism, reputation, gallery space, exhibitions, artist roster and clientele ... 11,000 square foot gallery... African American art with an unmatched selection of artists, medium, subject matter, and genres... "   

BEST IN INDIANA -- GRUNWALD GALLERY OF ART. "... thirty exhibits annually... collaborate with scientists and scholars to produce exhibits that interpret visual art in a broader scientific or humanities context... "

BEST IN HAWAII -- LIK LAHAINA, LIKE WAIKIKI. "Peter Lik has 13 exceptional gallery locations throughout the word and is the most successful photographer in the world... sold upwards of $500 million... Lik’s works make up four of the top 20 most expensive photographs ever sold."

BEST IN NEVADA -- NEVADA MUSEUM OF ART. "...four-story structure...  2,500 works of 19th through 21st-century art... inspiring dialogue about the impact of human activity on natural environments..."

BEST IN NEW JERSEY -- EVALYN DUNN GALLERY. "It is very rare to find a gallery so successful that it is approaching it’s 60th year... also features the finest 20th Century American and European art..."

BEST IN FLORIDA -- ART FUSION GALLERIES. "8,000 square foot... in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District... preeminent gallery in Miami for integrating the best of Emerging to Mid-Career Contemporary artists... represents over 1,000... "

BEST IN MINNESOTA -- DOUBLETAKE GALLERY. "...enormous international Internet presence, with millions of hits...  LeRoy Neiman, Salvador Dali, Peter Max, Frederick Hart, Erte, Norman Rockwell...  fine art consignment and brokerage service... "

BEST IN IDAHO -- PRICHARD ART GALLERY. "...premier venue for the state of Idaho... critically engaged, forward thinking arts space... freedom-oriented... encourages experimentation... emerging as well as established artists... "

BEST IN OKLAHOMA -- OKLAHOMA CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER. "...Nonprofit organization... encourages artistic expression... Oklahoma’s top artists... $26 million capital campaign... spectacular new facility just south of downtown OK..."

BEST IN NEW MEXICO -- WILDER NIGHTINGALE GALLERY. "22 years... eclectic works ranging from contemporary abstracts to traditional Taos landscapes... Leading artist such as BJ Briner, Tom Noble, Rory Wagner, Margaret Nes and Stephen Day..."

BEST IN MICHIGAN -- ART LEADERS GALLERY. "10,000 square foot show room... over 24 years they have earned an impeccable reputation and are one of the leading residential and corporate art dealers in the state."

BEST IN OREGON -- BRONZE COAST GALLERY. "24th year... one of the Oregon Coast's premiere fine art galleries... specializing in limited edition bronze sculpture... popular tourist attraction... award-winning  regional, national and international artists..."

BEST IN WASHINGTON -- BRICK WALL PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY. ""...only Spokane gallery dedicated entirely to photography... some of the finest photography in America... nature, landscapes, as well as contemporary compositions by students and educators..."

BEST IN MAINE -- FARNSWORTH ART MUSEUM. "20,000 square feet... 15,000 works. For nearly seventy years, they have exhibited a nationally recognized collection of art from America’s greatest artists..."


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