The Top 10 Cities That'll Make You Snuggle Up And Get Cozy

It's winter. And it's cold. And that means stocking up on blankets and hot cocoa, getting toasty by the fire and snuggling in bed with your Netflix queue are no longer optional -- they're necessary.

If coziness is a factor in your total happiness, then maybe you should make haste and move to one of the "Top 10 Cozy Cities In America." The ranking, compiled by Honeywell Heater and consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering, considered factors like the number of restaurants and coffee shops; the number of museums, florists, breweries; and bed-and-breakfast hotels in a given city, while also taking into account its "overall comfort, ambiance and accessibility." It also factored in usage rates of fireplaces and portable heaters -- naturally.

Last year, Boston took home top honors for its coziness index, but moved down to the number four spot this time around. Did your city make the cut, or is it time to move?

No. 10. Portland, OR
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No. 9. Durham, NC
Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
No. 8. Madison, WI
Danita Delimont via Getty Images
No. 7. Charleston, SC
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No. 6. Providence, RI
No. 5. Santa Rosa, CA
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No. 4. Boston, MA
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No. 3. Asheville, NC
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No. 2. Santa Barbara, CA
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No. 1. Portland, ME
VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm via Getty Images
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