America's Favorite Casual Restaurant Chains

America's Favorite Casual Restaurant Chains

Market Force just released the results of its 4,500-person survey on casual dining. The results were tabulated by number of votes, and then the number of locations for each chain was factored in.

Because consumers being surveyed were more likely to have visited chains with more outposts, Market Force adjusted votes for chains' sizes. This meant that, if two chains got the same amount of votes, the smaller of the two would rank higher, as was the case for its fast food survey in August. Five Guys and In-N-Out were propelled to the top of that list, even though Chick-Fil-A received the highest number of raw votes. See the results of Market Force's fast food survey here and Zagat's fast food survey here. Flip through the slideshow below to see what casual dining chains are America's favorites.

17. Denny's

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