America's First-ever Cannabis Club Opening in Colorado


KSDK News reports that a private club is set to open in the mountain town of Nederland, in Colorado. All thanks to Amendment 64, which legally allows people to smoke pot. Cheryl and David Fanelli want to establish "Club Ned," America's very first legal cannabis club. 

"Is this history? This is history," David Fanelli, owner of Club Ned, said. "Are we pioneers? Maybe more than pioneers." Other cannabis clubs have opened in Denver and around the state, but Club Ned is the only one to receive approval from several layers of government. Some of other clubs are currently engaged in legal battles and zoning issues.

Their biggest hurdle was getting marijuana exempted from Colorado's Clean Air Indoor Act, which prohibits smoking inside businesses.

So, the Fanelli's will set up their social cannabis club "like the Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts or Elk's Clubs" (i.e. private clubs where indoor smoking is allowed). 

Read more at KSDK News.

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