America's Got Talent Recap: Olate Dogs FTW

There was entirely no reason for the final results show of America's Got Talent to clog up two hours of airtime with highlight reels and a seemingly endless parade of musical guests, from Flo Rida to Green Day to (gag) Justin Bieber and the Blue Man Group. Even though we knew it was coming, did anyone just want to know who the heck won the million dollars?

At least the musical acts made an effort to include the six remaining AGT contestants in their performances, giving them one last moment in the spotlight. Well, this particular spotlight, at least. We know that the delightfully adorable Olate Dogs are headed for a show in Las Vegas, but I'll be sorely disappointed if runners up Tom Cotter and William Close don't gain welcome career breaks due to their time on America's Got Talent as well.

The final rankings are as follows:

6. The Untouchables

I was surprised that the impressive band of children with the skills and professionalism more associated with performers twice (or in some cases, thrice) their ages only snagged the 6th spot. They were easily the best thing to come out of the YouTube rounds and, prior to this week's less-impressive-than-usual performance, have consistently been nothing but flawless.

5. Joe Castillo

I don't get the appeal. I haven't gotten the appeal all season. But Joe Castillo, the individual, has grown on me, if only because I admire his determination to get Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, and the other judges to join him in wearing his signature beret.

4. David Garibaldi and his CMYKs

Einstein was not enough to take these dancing painters (or painting dancers?) all the way to the top, but Garibaldi was gracious with the position is group was awarded regardless, commenting, "This has been the most amazing journey of my life."

3. William Close and the Earth Harp

Wow, talk about an upset. Close was the favorite predicted to take it all for pretty much the entire season. He seemed crushed by the revelation, but kept it together to throw in an obligatory nod to how awesome the AGT experience was. Good luck, bro. I'd go see that show.

2. Tom Cotter

The thing is, out of the top three finalists? I'd go see any of their shows. It truly was a great group heading into the finals this season. Tom Cotter may not have won the million, but he proved that a comedian has a place on America's Got Talent and promised to get his million anyway by falling down the stairs. Somebody give this man a Comedy Central special, please!

1. Olate Dogs

OMG PUPPIES! That's really all I have to say. What more is there to say? I consider it a good day if I can get my dog to sit, so the amount of work it must take to train their little troupe of talented dogs to do backflips and drive tiny puppy-sized jeeps around the stage just blows my mind.

Are you happy with the act that won it all?

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