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America's Most Beautiful Fall Camping Trips, Plus Options for Glamping

Here are six perfect fall places for fall camping trips -- including a basecamp hotel options for our glamping friends who enjoy a few extra amenities.
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By Jason Heidemann for the Orbitz Travel Blog

Hello, autumn, that glorious time of the year when the air is crisper, temps are cooler and leaves are more colorful. It's as good a time as any to be outside, and when we recently surveyed Orbitz customers about their favorite ways to travel, you guys enthusiastically told us you love to camp. Most of you cited it as a way to travel relatively cheaply, spend quality time with friends and family and see some of the best scenery the U.S. has to offer. We can't argue with that. Here are six perfect fall places for fall camping trips -- including a basecamp hotel options for our glamping friends who enjoy a few extra amenities.

Big Sur, CA
There is one word that describes Big Sur in autumn--spectacular! Whereas tourists clamor to visit this legendary region and artist mecca in summer when the rugged and spiky coast is often fogged in, the month of October at least nearly guarantees abundant sunshine and fewer crowds. From jagged bluffs overlooking the mighty Pacific to stream side camping in lush forests, Big Sur offers easy and abundant opportunities for pitching a tent and exploring this most excellent part of coastal California.

Glampy base camp option: Post Ranch Inn
This legendary--and luxurious--ranch-style inn offers numerous accommodation types including guest rooms, stand alone suites and even tree houses set amongst thick redwoods with luscious views of the Pacific. The emphasis is on wellness.

Grand Canyon, AZ
The experience of this celebrated wonder of the natural world sometimes feels like an endless herding of tourists to the South Rim where they can snap a quick selfie with the Canyon in the background. But get away from the visitor's center and you'll find there's elbow room for all. Throw down a tent at one of three National Park Service campgrounds or apply in advance for a back country permit and hike one of 15 trails that provide access to the inner canyon. Autumn is glorious--but nights can be chilly!

Glampy base camp option: Grand Hotel
There are plenty of cheep and cheerful options in the area, but the chalet-inspired Grand Hotel--just seven minutes from the rim of the Canyon--allows a comfy (if somewhat pricey) respite to visitors too weary to make their bed under the night sky.

Volcanoes National Park: Big Island, HI
Have you heard of Kilauea? She's the active volcano that has been churning, gurgling and spitting molten lava all over the Big Island of Hawaii for some time now. She's also located at Volcanoes National Park, an awe-inspiring place where visitors can experience volcanism in action by hiking through lava tubes, sulphur banks and black lava fields. Camping is available at Nāmakanipaio and Kulanaokuaiki year round, but despite Hawaii's gorgeous weather, it's often damp and chilly this high up.

Glampy base camp option: Volcano House
A true base camp option, the recently renovated Volcano House is located at the summit of Kilauea and overlooks Halemaumau Crater which is currently active and contains a visible lava lake. Hint: Be sure and book a sunset table in the dining room.